Erik Desmaziere - L'Orangerie de Préssy

L'Orangerie de Préssy
(FF. 185)
Etching & aquatint, 2003.
Signed, titled, dated and numbered from ed/75.
47.8 x 74.3 cm.

Erik Desmaziere - 's Lands Zeemagazijn

's Lands Zeemagazijn
(FF. 192)
Etching, aquatint & roulette, 2004.
From Vues d'Amsterdam (FF 188–93), portfolio of 5 etchings with etched
frontispiece commissioned by The Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam
Signed, numbered from ed/90.
23.7 x 56.6 cm.
Portfolio: $3,500 (click on link above to see all prints in portfolio)

Erik Desmaziere - Entrance Hall with a Globe

Entrance Hall with a Globe
(FF. 207)
Etching, aquatint & roulette, 2009.
printed to sheet edges.
Accompanying the deluxe edition of the
catalogue for the exhibition at the Telfair Museum, 2009.
Signed, titled, numbered from ed/75.
20.8 x 16.5 cm.

Impression in black with margins.
Edition of XXV.
Sheet: 33 x 26 cm.

Erik Desmaziere - Derrière le Rideau

Derrière le Rideau
(FF. 216)
Etching, aquatint & roulette, 2009.
26.5 x 19 cm.
From Musaeum Clausum by Sir Thomas Brown.
Book illustrated with four etchings
w/aquatint & roulette, an etched
frontispiece on the cover, and a
lithograph on the slipcase.
[click here to see book illustrations with information (suite also available; see image below with link)]
Edition of 65 + X (deluxe, each with original drawing).
Book: $1,500; deluxe book with drawing, ed/X: $4,000
71.8 x 89.6 cm.

Erik Desmaziere - The Skull of Sir Thomas Browne

The Skull of Sir Thomas Browne
(FF. 219)
Etching, aquatint & roulette, 2011.
29.3 x 18.7 cm.
From Suite Musaeum Clausum by Sir Thomas Brown.
Suite of seven etchings with aquatint & roulette, 2009–2011
[click here to see book illustrations with information]
Signed, titled, dated and numbered from total ed/XL (apart from ed/30 in the suite)
29.3 x 18.7 cm (sheet 37 x 24 cm) on chine, $2,000
29.3 x 18.7 cm (sheet 50.5 x 33 cm) on chine appliqué, $2,500.
Suite: $7,000–$7,500 (price varies depending on cover drawing)

Erik Desmaziere - Le Bureau de Maxime

Le Bureau de Maxime
(FF. 223)
Etching, aquatint & roulette printed on antique laid paper, 2010.
Signed and numbered from ed/50, apart from the folded edition of 75
accompanying the book of essays, Mélanges, published to mark the
retirement of Maxime Préaud from the Bibliotèque Nationale.
30.7 x 39.6 cm.


Caprice vénitien
(FF. 226)
Etching, aquatint & roulette, 2010.
26.3 x 20.5 cm. (printed to sheet edges) Signed, numbered
from ed/IL for the deluxe edition of Parcours d'un galériste:
François Ditesheim by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

32.3 x 24.7 cm. [sheet 50 x 33 cm.] (illustrated)
Signed and numbered from ed/75.


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