The Print Collector's Newsletter

Odilon Redon

The Print Collector's Newsletter, Vol. XII, No. 5, Nov.–Dec., 1981

Odilon Redon is the catalogue for an exhibition at Fitch-Febvrel running November–December. Redon's prints haven't been seen in New York since a show at the Coe Kerr Gallery nearly ten years ago, and since they are relatively rare — Redon's own collection belongs to the Art Institute of Chicago — this catalogue is important as well as delightful. Three illustrations from the complete series of the Tentation de Saint-Antoine are reproduced, and they are suitably haunting. Two versions of La Hantise — a woman accosted by a demon — are included, as well as a choice rendering of death from Apocalypse de Saint-Jean. There is a good introduction by David P. Becker: "In a world so preoccupied with external, materialistic forces, Odilon Redon stands out as an artist devoted to the realities of the spirit." An impressive detailing of Redon's lithographies, with excellent cataloguing and high-quality reproductions.

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