Critics' Choices

Max Klinger
Richard Müller

Art: What's Special This Holiday Weekend

Critics' Choices, The New York Times, Friday, November 23, 1979, by Grace Glueck.

The superbly realized black-and-white graphic work of Max Klinger and Richard Müller, two very German artists, takes us back to an era of narrative art heavily overlaid with symbolism and satire. Klinger (1857–1920) is famous for his suite of etchings known as "A Glove," in which an erotic dream begins on a roller-skating rink and gets freighted with Freudian imagery; but his societal interests also led him to deal imaginatively with poverty, revolution and the situation of women. Müller (1874–1954), a brilliant draftsman with a taste for the grotesque, plays cleverly with scale and uses animals as metaphors for human failings. Both were impeccable craftsmen.

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