The New York Post

Manuel Robbe

"A Romantic's Return: 1900 Rediscovered at Fitch-Febvrel"

The New York Post, Saturday, March 4, 1978, by J.T.

In 1900 he was the talk of Paris. Two decades later the work of Manuel Robbe had all but sunk from sight. Light in touch, richly romantic, it had been buried by wars, crises, the modern movement.

Robbe (1872–1936) was a contemporary and colleague of Jacques Villon, with whom he developed the "à la poupée" process of printing many colors from a single plate. As much admired were Robbe's posters for bicycles and corsets.

Five years ago he was brought back to attention by Charles Perrusaux, curator of the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, and now, in "1900 Rediscovered," is being given his first American one-man show by Andrew Fitch of the Fitch-Febvrel Gallery.

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