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Lynn Shaler studied printmaking at the University of Michigan, received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute, and in 1984 won a Fulbright scholarship for postgraduate study in Paris.

After viewing the work of a great uncle who had left America in the late 19th century to pursue a painting career in Italy, Shaler began to appreciate the process of making art as an art in itself, separate from the result. Her printmaking techniques reflect this, as most of her prints are made with multiple plates requiring complex color registration, and many are then enhanced with hand-coloring.

In her early work Shaler displays a particular interest in objects often overlooked — doorknobs, envelopes, theater exits, a pair of shoes — lending these seemingly trivial things qualities of value and mystery. In later work she begins to focus on rich architectural detail, depicting sumptuous interiors in juxtaposition with exterior gardens and walkways. Prominent throughout her work is a lush intricacy, a vivid combination of pattern, texture and contrast.

Shaler's etchings can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; and the Library of Congress, Washington, inter al. She currently resides in Paris.

1994 - First Prize, 3rd Biennial of Graphics, Museum of St. Maur, France
1992 - Third Prize, 2nd Biennial of Graphics, Museum of St. Maur, France
1991 - Jurors Award, Boston Printmakers 19th Annual Members Show
1985 - Henry B. Shope Award, 60th National Exhibition, Society of American Graphic Artists, NY
1984 - William H. Leavin Prize, 159th National Exhibition, National Academy of Design, NY
1983 - Professional Award, Colorpint U.S.A., Texas Tech University Associated American Artists Purchase Prize, NY
1983 - Jurors Mention Prize, Rockford College Biennial Print Exhibition
1982 - Purchase Prize, Prints U.S.A., Pratt Graphics Center, NY
1982 - Purchase Prize, National Print Exhibition, Trenton State College
1982 - Gladys Mock Memorial Award, 59th National Print Exhibition, Society of American Graphic Artists, NY
1981 - Purchase Prize, 15th National Dulin Print Exhibition, TN
1981 - Certificate of Merit - 156th Annual Exhibition, National Academy of Design, NY
1980 - Purchase Prize, 15th National Print Exhibition, State Univ. of Potsdam, NY
1980 - Murray Roth Memorial Award, 38th Annual Audubon Artists Exhibition, NY
1979 - Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Bradlow Purchase Prize, 7th International Miniature Print Competition, Pratt Graphics Center, NY

American Church in Paris
Art Complex Museum, MA
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
Brooklyn Museum, NY
Detroit Institute of Arts
Dulin Gallery of Art, TN
Exxon Corporation, NY
French Embassy, Madrid
French Embassy, Santo Domingo
International Bankers France, Paris
International Graphics Arts Foundation, CT
Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Mainichi Newspapers, Paris
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Museum of Saint-Maur, France
Newark Public Library, NJ
New York Public Library, NY
Pratt Institute, NY
State University at Potsdam, NY
Trenton State College, NJ
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

1998 - Jacob Fanning Gallery, Wellfleet, MA; Legacy Gallery, Newton, PA
1997 - Gallery 71, New York, NY
1996 - Shoestring Gallery, Rochester, NY; Galerie Bréheret, Paris; Jacob Fanning Gallery, MA
1995 - Arnold Klein Gallery, Royal Oak, MI
1994 - Gallery 71, New York, NY; Shoestring Gallery, Rochester, NY
1993 - Galerie Bréheret, Paris; Galerie Champs Bleus, Paris
1992 - Galerie Corot, Paris; Newmark Gallery, New York, NY; Arnold Klein Gallery, Royal Oak, MI; Shoestring Gallery, Rochester, NY
1991 - Galerie Corot, Paris
1990 - Cultural Center of Ville d'Avray, France; Galerie Corot, Paris; Bunting Gallery, Ferndale, MI
1989 - Galerie Angle Aigu, Brussels, Belgium; Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; Claude Gallery, Eastchester, NY
1988 - Galerie La Verrièe, Paris
1987 - Claude Gallery, Eastchester, NY; Schweyer/Galdo Galleries, Pontiac, MI

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