Friedrich Meckseper

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We are deeply saddened to report the death in June, 2019, of our friend and long admired artist,
Friedrich Meckseper.

Friedrich Meckseper is among the most widely known and admired of living German artists. Over the past four decades his prints, collages and paintings have been the subject of more than one hundred individual exhibitions, including thirty in museums, throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States.

Meckseper is strongly influenced by modern masters such as Morandi, Bissier, and Heyboer, whose characteristic compositions convey an inner order. To these antecedents he brings his own sense of the mystery of objects, employing symbols of time and space — clock quadrants and sundials, labyrinths and spheres — as well as, on a lighter note, rainbows and puffs of smoke. Juxtapositions of fantastic scale are rendered with precise detail, accentuated by an almost otherworldly manipulation of light and shading, to create his gently surreal compositions.

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